Question & Answer Workflow

Users can ask questions to members of their own teams using GrokOla’s specialized workflow.

Once an answer is accepted by the user, it is made available by search to all users of your private instance. No knowledge slips through the cracks!

The Workflow

A Case For Formal Q&A

How often do your team’s valuable insights get lost in one-to-one communication?

Often when someone has a question, they email or chat to another member. The question is answered, and they move on.

But that knowledge is then lost on your email client, unavailable to the rest of the team. Time is wasted when the question is asked again. With GrokOla, you ask your question, but the answer is then searchable going forward to everyone on your team, keeping your wiki documentation up-to-date.

Questions Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

All asked questions are assigned to a reference, which allows for very specific team-wide and individual analytics. Through the Questions Dashboard, you are able to see a variety of different analytics in a quick-look pie chart format:

  • Your own most-queried topics – maybe you should check out some training?
  • Your team’s most-queried topics – perhaps a team training on that topic?
  • The status your “Asked” questions are in – Backlog, Research, Review, or Completed.
  • The team-wide status of “Asked” questions – is it time to jump in and help answer some from the Backlog?