GrokOla Releases New UML Design Feature

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We’re happy to announce the release of a UML Modeling design feature on GrokOla, the tribal knowledge wiki for development teams. GrokOla users have always been able to easily create visual designs using its drag-and-drop editor MockOla. But now, a new UML palette has been added to the MockOla tool which greatly expands the design possibilities into software systems and constructs. … Read More

MockOla Design Tool Reveals New UI And UML Diagram Palette

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We’re happy to announce that significant feature and user interface improvements are now available on MockOla. MockOla is a rapid design tool with a drag-and-drop element editor for concept designs, user interfaces mockups, and wireframes. In this new version of MockOla, an new user interface has been revealed and UML modeling palettes have been added. UML is a general-purpose, modeling language that is intended to provide … Read More

Keyhole Releases UI Design Tool MockOla For Free, Public Use

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The Keyhole Software team is excited to announce the standalone release of MockOla for free, public use. MockOla is a rapid design tool to easily create user interface mockups and wireframes. Using a drag-and-drop element editor implemented with HTML5 Canvas, users can lay out user interfaces mockups, concept designs, and wireframes. The tool boasts a number of customization palettes, including handy templates for … Read More

Keyhole Releases MockOla, Feature of GrokOla

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The Keyhole Software team is excited to announce the release of a new feature on the GrokOla software platform – MockOla. MockOla is a rapid wireframing tool that allows users to easily create user interface mockups. Users lay out simple user interfaces configurations for web, tablet, and mobile application using a drag-and-drop element editor. Then, with GrokOla’s collaborative nature, your team is … Read More