GrokOla Releases New UML Design Feature

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We’re happy to announce the release of a UML Modeling design feature on GrokOla, the tribal knowledge wiki for development teams.

GrokOla users have always been able to easily create visual designs using its drag-and-drop editor MockOla. But now, a new UML palette has been added to the MockOla tool which greatly expands the design possibilities into software systems and constructs.

UML is a general-purpose modeling language that provides a standard way to visualize the design of a software system.

Pairing UML with GrokOla’s great design features, users can easily design and document entire software systems and constructs. Objects can be linked and customized to illustrate any modeling concept.

UML on Mockola

Users can drag and drop UML objects on to the Canvas, as well as connect different elements to illustrate system concepts.

The key to MockOla is the simplicity of use, lending itself to quick mockup creation, sharing, feedback, and movement to the next iteration.

The tool also boasts a number of other customization palettes, including templates for application user interfaces and standard elements like shapes, lines, and text. With this new palette addition in GrokOla, the design tool capabilities of MockOla allow for nearly every design a software team would need to create.

Then, with GrokOla’s collaborative nature, users can interact with designs and provide feedback. All UML Modeling designs are easily searchable within a private GrokOla instance.

Just Another Great Feature of GrokOla

GrokOla is a web-based wiki tool for development teams that supports knowledge transfer through a Q&A-driven platform. All visual designs, wiki content, code samples, and API documentation is easily searchable and accessible by your enterprise team from anywhere via its web-based or mobile platform.

Try the free GrokOla demo here:

Code-Sensitive Wiki

GrokOla provides a centralized wiki for the “Tribal Knowledge” needed by your team. Code solutions and APIs are documented using simple markdown syntax and language-sensitive editors.

Questions & Answers

When users are unable to find all of the information they need, they are about to ask a Question on GrokOla. Another user will take responsibility for answering that question. Once an Answer is approved, it is made searchable by all users in the private instance. No more information is lost in one-to-one emails, and your wiki content stays updated automatically.

API Governance

GrokOla can store all API governance. Users can upload Swagger JSON files into GrokOla to have all API documentation centralized, searchable, and accessible. Additionally, there an integration API that allows Swagger JSON to be uploaded automatically to GrokOla with a RESTful API.


GrokOla was developed by Keyhole Labs. GrokOla is available free of charge to all current Keyhole Software enterprise clients, and to other development teams for a monthly fee. For more information, visit


Lauren Fournier
Marketing Manager, Keyhole Software

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