Keyhole Releases UI Design Tool MockOla For Free, Public Use

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The Keyhole Software team is excited to announce the standalone release of MockOla for free, public use. MockOla is a rapid design tool to easily create user interface mockups and wireframes.

Using a drag-and-drop element editor implemented with HTML5 Canvas, users can lay out user interfaces mockups, concept designs, and wireframes. The tool boasts a number of customization palettes, including handy templates for web, tablet, and mobile applications.

Best of all, MockOla is free for individual and enterprise use. Start using the tool at

MockOla Use

Our goal was to make MockOla simple and easy to use.

When in the MockOla editor, drag elements from the top editing menu and drop them to the canvas to create your desired mockup as shown to the right. View available shapes and palettes via the dropdowns. Align, group, and rearrange elements using the controls available. The design possibilities are endless with MockOla.

MockOla In Action GIF

An example of dragging and dropping elements onto the MockOla canvas to create a UI mockup.

If you create an account, you can sign into MockOla (via a number of social network authentications) and use all of its features for free. You can create, save, and edit your own designs, in addition to editing the examples available on the MockOla home page. Users can then download the design in PNG format.

MockOla Technology Stack

The MockOla editor is implemented using Backbone.js and Fabric.js for 2D drawing capabilities on an HTML5 browser canvas.  The server-side API supporting MockOla is a Java Spring Boot application created using the JHipster framework.
MockOla Technology Diagram

A diagram of the MockOla technology stack, created in less than two minutes using the MockOla tool.

About MockOla

MockOla began as an offering of the GrokOla software platform, a collaboration wiki tool for development teams to harness internal tribal knowledge. In addition to MockOla capabilities, GrokOla users can document code solutions, ask questions to experts, and access educational content.

The ability to quickly and easily create user interface mockups in a collaborative setting has been highly valued in GrokOla. Due to its popularity, we have released MockOla to the public as a standalone offering.

About Keyhole Software

Keyhole Software is a Midwest-based software development and consulting firm. Experts in application development and the integration of enterprise-level solutions, Keyhole was founded on the principle of delivering quality through a talented technical team.

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