Collaborating, Capturing, & Sharing Knowledge

The process should be simple. GrokOla’s intuitive features make it easy to keep your development documentation up-to-date.

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GrokOla supports development team
tribal knowledge and retention.

Pairing an easy-to-use wiki platform with automatic API governance,
collaborative design tool, and a question and answer workflow.

Wiki For Development Teams

Any content is documented with simple markdown syntax and language-sensitive editors

MockOla Design Tool

Rapid drag-and-drop wireframing tool that allows users to easily create user interface mockups

API Governance

APIs can be documented and monitored in real-time, with all API documentation centralized, searchable, and accessible.

Question & Answer Workflow

Users can ask detailed development questions to members of their own teams, and all answers are searchable.

Easily-Searchable Content

All wiki content – text, code, API endpoints, routes – easily available by a powerful search engine.

Collaborative Documentation

All team members keep in the loop to changes made by watching and commenting for feedback.

GrokOla makes dev documentation easy.

Search and add what your team needs to know with easy markdown syntax, automatic build processes, and drag-and-drop designs.

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Try a free taste of GrokOla through the public demo. Add a wiki page, design a wireframe, or search for content. You’ll see how easy it is to use GrokOla.

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What’s Your Tribal Knowledge?

Details that set your company, technology stack, or industry apart from any other dev shop. By keeping your tribal knowledge in one handy place, it takes a whole lot less to get your new team members up to speed.

Tech Stack Details
Via Code-Sensitive Wiki Editors
API Documentation
Automatically Updated Upon Build
Project Leader Insights
Via The Question & Answer Workflow
Wireframe Diagrams
Designed With UML, UI & Shape Palettes
Onboarding Steps
Via Organized Wiki Pages
Technical Primers & Tutorials
Easily Searchable in GrokOla

Your private GrokOla instance is an easy way to document it all – no matter what your ‘Tribal Knowledge’ is.

As Used By Companies Including

Every enterprise or development team that uses GrokOla receives a private instance. GrokOla is accessible installed on your own servers, or more popularly, via the web at a custom URL.